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“A Love’s Romance” series by Pauline Parson


The first book in the Love’s Romance series will be published on September 1, 2015. Watch for it on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), B&N (Nook), Apple (iBooks), Kobo, and most other eBook vendors.


Love’s Tug of War

Vol #1 in “A Love’s Romance” series

At 41, Paula finds herself on her own in beautiful Arizona. She’s a talented comic artist – with a broken heart – a widower that has a chance to discover if she can make it as an artist or fall flat on her face. Jeb Cotner accepts her as his back up artist for his famous Honky Tonk Man comic strip. She has a chance of a lifetime to learn from the famous cartoonist. Rumors fly that he’s a cantankerous old man who has an eye for the “young girls”.

With grave doubts, she leaves her quiet life in New England and heads into “cowboy” country with her own comic character, Abby Press at her side. Her world is turned upside down by two handsome brothers who vie for her attention. Her sexual desires awaken, something so new to the young woman that it sends her to heights that she had long forgotten existed. Torn, she plays “Tug of War” as her heart is torn between the two men.

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